Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hooked on the Rook - A Half-Hearted Apology

Rather than mix the guts of my music reviews with personal rants and raves, I will devote this brief post to explain my brief absence from reviews.  When I began this blog in January, I hinted that I was skeptical that I'd keep it up and would post as I had time.  So I realize I don't actually owe you faithful readers an explanation or excuse.  But I am feeling generous and would like to share today, before the reviews begin flowing once again.

The explanation is plain and simple:  Chess.  The game.  Addiction to chess.

I learned how to play at the age of 7 and have enjoyed the game casually throughout my life. I picked it up again about 6 months ago as an alternative to the evil and wicked time-sucker of a game that is called Candy Crush.  I needed a new game like Huey Lewis needed a new drug.  A tried and true classic I revisited the game, this time in the digital age on a smartphone, and it brought all kinds of playing and learning opportunities for chess that were not possible 10-15 years ago.  On demand/on-the-go chess got me hooked stronger than ever and over the past month I have joined a weekly chess club and scored a dual timer from eBay.

It has gotten rather out of hand.  I have found myself busting out the board at parties and even at shows as an audience member.  I have been told that I've acted generally elusive recently.  Steps are being taken to rein in my obsession.  But I tell you:  My chess rating is slowly but steadily going up!  True, my last blog post was 1.5 months ago even though I've been witness to plenty of shows ... but I recently placed second in a tournament!

I never said I had a GOOD excuse.

So, friends, family, readers, squealers, I apologize for so sharply disconnecting for my brief frenzy of checkmate obsession. And, now I immediately in turn ask that if any of you are chess players, please hit me up because I am always looking for a game!

One final sidenote:  If you hate yourself for playing Candy Crush, but know that you are really, really good at it, I would be happy to rattle off reasons why you should switch to chess (alienating your life as you know it is NOT one of them).

Let the reviews continue!  I've got a bunch of show summaries from the past 2 months as well as my first album review from one of my favorite local artists.  All coming very soon!